Where Finance meets Climate & Local Impact

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FLOWi helps investors source impact investment leads in unlisted companies, real estate & infrastructure assets worldwide.
We bring off the radar impact deals together, in one single 3.0 private placement platform, with positive impact minded professionals looking to advance city, people & planet focused SDGs. Thanks to tailored hunting mandates in Private Markets, our ambition is to become the trusted partner & sourcing tool that Real Asset investors can rely on to efficiently grow their deal pipeline and impact.

FLOWi, where Finance meets Urban Impact.

Three asset classes
Infrastructure | Real Estate | VC
Cities from Five
Four Sustainability
GRESB | SDGs | future EU taxonomy Green Bond Principles
One community
of impact-minded people for cross-sector collaboration



From VCs to Real Estate and Infrastructure investors (qualified debt & equity investors).

Impact Projects

Off-the-radar companies, Infrastructure and Real Estate Projects which present both the potential to make a positive difference in cities, and the ability to fit investors investment criteria, with or without FLOWi’s technical assistance to secure the missing building block & finance partner to be bankable.

Project Intermediaries

Ranging from project developers, cities, consultancies, specialized networks and media partners, to crowdfunding platforms, investor aggregators and development finance institutions.

Impact Curators

A community of experts (individuals and organizations) rewarded for their check/unchecks validating that projects are in line and fit a market sustainability classification and show potential to deliver impact in their specific context.


Media, e-Learning providers, Conference organizers, influencers, all building momentum to accelerate the urban transition through impact finance.

Investor intermediaries

about us

Elisa Galván-Mondié, Founder of FLOWi
Infra Project Finance banker in London, turned city innovation matchmaker for Paris, and Sustainable & Impact finance strategy advisor for the investment management industry + mother of one.

Having been raised in one of the world’s most complex mega-cities, Mexico City, Elisa has focused over the past decade in helping tackle sustainable city challenges through finance & partnerships.

Elisa wants to see high urban impact projects secure financing and get off the ground. Too often, these projects find themselves off the radar of mainstream and specialized investors who do care about the positive impact of their investments.This is why, she decided to launch FLOWi, a 2.0 / 3.0 private placement agency or impact deal sourcing tool to help her multiply her matchmaking efforts and help bring together the missing equity or debt pieces of the puzzle for a given deal to happen.

Together with the talented board of advisors she has the honour of having, she likes to call this platform the Linkedin of Sustainable City PE/VC investors & projects.

FLOWi, Where Finance meets Urban Impact.


Capital flows are needed at scale to accelerate the urban transitions to a low carbon and inclusive economy and investors should rely on tailored tools to multiply their impact leads and grow their deal pipeline.
Making the initial sourcing of impact investments effortless so that investors can focus on structuring and closing deals for urban sustainability.
Impact deal flow generation made easy, facilitating Investor/Impact projects matches through a collaborative platform, bespoke hunting mandates and impact curated deal opportunities delivered to our subscribers’ mailbox.

They inspire us & drive our action

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What is Urban Resilience ?

“the measurable ability of any urban system, with its inhabitants, to maintain continuity
through all shocks and stresses, while positively adapting and transforming toward sustainability.”

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